Dr. Garrett Bennett

Meet New York City’s Leading Rhinoplasty & Sinus Surgeon. Dr. Bennett is a dual board certified ENT specializing in cosmetic and functional surgery on the nose.

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Broken Nose

Your in the right place. Learn more about the treatments available for your broken nose.

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Deviated Septum

You can breathe easy again. Learn about all the treatment options for you deviated septum.

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Beautiful and functional. A dual board certified ENT has experience in the cosmetic and functional nose.

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Feel like you are just meant to suffer from breathing problems?

Like Justin, millions of people suffer from allergies and severe sinus infections. When they keep occurring more often it can truly become a hinderance to your way of life. Dr. Bennett was confidently and clearly able to explain to Justin how the issues he was experiencing were not only something he could get relief from but also should not be happening.


Welcome to the practice of
Dr. Garrett Bennett.

Dr. Garrett Bennett is a double board-certified rhinoplasty and sinus surgeon, located in New York City. He specializes exclusively on the  nose, sinuses and nasal septum.  As a breathing and nasal specialist, he performs both functional and cosmetic surgeries to allow the nose to look as good as it works.

By only concentrating on the inside and outside of the nose, Dr. Bennett has developed and honed innovative techniques to improve results while decreasing recovery time. His techniques create and maintain the natural appearance of the nose. The procedure is almost always done with incisions inside the nose and no external scars. His technique of using positive pressure has dramatically reduced post-surgical swelling and bruising. Dr Bennett’s goal is to help patients to look and feel better about their nose with improvement of nasal function. His techniques have been featured in peer-reviewed plastic surgery journals and national conferences.

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Is sleeping and exercising feel like a burden?

Ree was experiencing sleepless nights and low energy. She could tell her breathing was hindered but by how much was a shock to her. After leaving a childhood broken nose untreated for years her septum slowly shifted over time. This lead to other issues like enlarged turbinates and collectively brought her to a place where her breathing was severely limited. Listen to Ree speak about how she now feels after doing sinus surgery with Dr. Garrett Bennett.

More about Dr. Bennett’s practice…

Dr. Bennett does not believe in rushing through a new or existing patient consultation. He listens to your goals and symptoms so he can develop a plan of action to best meet your needs. He feels it is important to spend the time to educate patients about their condition and proposed treatment to allow them to understand the options of their unique situation. After treatment, Dr. Bennett is equally aware of your needs with personal calls to patients on a regular basis.

Dr. Bennett is an educator who teaches residents at the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital  and Lenox Hill Hospital, two of the premier rhinoplasty and sinus surgery centers in New York City. He has also instructed doctors from around the world at facial plastic surgery conferences. Dr. Bennett has been selected by the AACS to teach a live surgical course in New York (sponsored by the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery).