Balloon Sinuplasty (Balloon Sinus Surgery)

Introduction to Balloon Sinuplasty

One out of every six people suffer from sinus infections. The sinus passages can become obstructed by viral infections, allergies or irritation from dust and smoke. When the sinuses are unable to drain they may be infected with bacteria causing pain and severe congestion. The frontal sinus has a very narrow opening that is especially susceptible to infection.


balloon sinuplasty infected frontal sinus repair

Infected Frontal Sinus


Balloon Sinus Surgery

Balloon sinus surgery is a new technique to open an obstructed frontal sinus. A thin and flexible balloon is placed into the opening of the infected sinus. The balloon has a light at the end to insure proper placement. The balloon is then slowly inflated to gently open the obstructed sinus. The lining and function of the sinus is maintained. Studies indicate that balloon sinus surgery is a safe and effective tool for dilating a blocked sinus.



A balloon helps the sinuses drain properly


Is this considered cosmetic surgery?

No. Healthy sinuses and the ability to breathe through the nose are recognized as important by insurance companies. Insurance will cover the functional cost of the surgery.


healthy frontal sinus


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