Dr Alexa Lessow

dr alexa lessow

Sleep Apnea Specialist

As a highly specialized Sinus Specialist Dr. Bennett has developed relationships with other doctors that he recommends and feels comfortable bringing his patients to.

Dr. Lessow is a board certified otolaryngologist who specializes in: nasal and sinus disease; general ear, nose and throat disease; and sleep apnea.

The office of Dr. Alexa Lessow creates a soothing atmosphere for you, our patients. Her dedicated approach of time and attention to every patient made her a perfect fit to bring patients to from Dr. Bennett. They both share an approach of taking the time to listen to all your questions and concerns. She will take the time to explain why recommended tests are ordered, why medicine and/or surgery may be needed, and what those treatments entail.

Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is diagnosed when a patient’s breathing slows or stops for a significant period of time multiple times throughout the night.  The diagnosis can formally be made after conducting a sleep study which is generally held at a sleep center but can sometimes be worked at home as well.  There are many factors that can attribute to sleep apnea, she will evaluate and measure oxygen levels, heart rate, and take into consideration other factors, such as restless leg syndrome.