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NO MORE MIGRAINES!!! After more than TEN years of consistent migraines, I have finally been cured!!! I had gone to several doctors, optometrists, and allergists, and none of them were able to figure out why I had so many migraines and sinus infections, and why antibiotics couldn’t seem to clear up my infections. I honestly started thinking that it was normal to get sinus infections, to have migraines, breath the way I did, and to sleep as poorly as I did. Luckily my boyfriend was finally fed up with my misery and gave me a kick in the butt one day by telling me to go to an ear, nose, and throat doctor. I found Dr. Bennett on ZocDoc and made the BEST DECISION of my life. When he told me he could fix the problem with surgery, I was terrified! I was extremely anxious leading up to the surgery, but Dr. Bennett and his staff did an excellent job preparing me and helping me to be comfortable with the idea. At last there was HOPE!

It has been more than one month and I have not had a single migraine! Not only that, but I sleep like a baby every night (which was never the case before surgery) and breathe better than ever. Dr. Bennett told me that he was not convinced that I had asthma (which I had been diagnosed with when I was 16), and it turns out that

I am able to breathe much better when I run and am not nearly as exhausted after my workouts. I am THOROUGHLY impressed and satisfied with Dr. Bennett’s work, as well as the assistance that his WONDERFUL staff provided both before and after surgery. I was very comfortable with Dr. Bennett, as he took his time to explain everything to me and made sure that I understood what he was telling me before we decided on surgery. He is extremely generous and passionate about what he does; he called me every single day after my surgery to make sure everything was okay and to tell me what to expect as I continued to heal. After my time with Dr. Bennett, I would not recommend anyone else for this surgery! He knows what he is doing and does it to perfection. Dr. Bennett changed my life and visibly enjoyed doing so every minute that he spent with me! He truly is my hero!