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I had a pretty bad deviated septum and could hardly breathe. I finally gathered up the courage to fix it and went to Dr. Bennett. It ended up being one of the best decisions I ever made in my life — literally. First off, I can finally breathe! I went from 10% to 95%. No more waking up throughout the night, coughing or hacking in the morning, and constantly feeling tired. I feel amazing. Second, my nose looks great! Perfectly straight. My girlfriend is a happy camper. Lastly, the staff was incredibly supportive. I must have called them 1,000 times before and after surgery. They along with Dr Bennett himself always picked up on the first ring and proactively called ME on a regular basis to check in. There was even one time I had a minor freak out at midnight and called Dr. Bennett. He called me back 60 seconds later. I can’t imagine a better result or patient experience. Thank you Dr. Bennett and team 😀