115 East 61st Street Suite 7C New York, NY 10065 212-980-2600

First the office was conveniently located in midtown east 2 blocks from the train. I walked into the office and I was impressed with the modern décor. The receptionist was very welcoming and warm. I saw Dr. Bennett right on time for my appointment. I could tell from the beginning of our conversation he was going to be a doctor who’s help I wanted. He took the time out to listen to all of my concerns and the stories on how my deviated septum occurred as well as my horrible sinus surgery experience. From there he took the time out to explain what went wrong with the first surgery and also what he would be able to do to help. He was very knowledgeable and what I liked most was he explained thing in a way that I understood. Also, his office manager was very helpful with my insurance and billing. They collected all the information they needed from me the first day and made all the appropriate calls to my insurance carrier to learn about my coverage and cost. I went through with the surgery and I was home a couple of hours after the surgery. He set multiple weekly follow-ups to track the progress of my healing process.

He would call me while I was recovering to check on me and see how the pain is and if there is anything he can do to help. I really liked the fact of how caring he was. This is the REAL DEAL! I recovered in about 7-10 days and went back to all my normal daily routines. I immediately felt a difference in the quality of my life. I started to breather so much better, gained a better sense of smell and the appearance of my nose was fixed! Not only was the septum realigned back in placed but the noticeable injury on the outside of my nose was gone! I have no scars and I do not snore anymore!!! I could not be any happier than I am today and it is all thanks to how great and compassionate of a person Dr. Bennett is! I would definitely recommend him to anyone experiencing nose or sinus issues. You will not regret it!