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made an appointment to see dr. bennett after my niece had sinus surgery and gave him rave reviews. although there was nothing cosmetically wrong with my nose, i always had trouble breathing out of it, with springtime and winter being absolutely unbearable. dr. bennett performed a full examination and took a ct scan of my nose and explained what he could do to fix my sinuses. we scheduled surgery for the following month. i liked that my nose wasn’t packed immediately after surgery, it helped reduce the pain and stuffiness i felt afterward. a week after the surgery, i had a check-up w dr. bennett and he told me everything had healed fine, but i could have told him that, as i could finally feel the beginning stages of being able to breathe normally again. i am now 3 months post-op and i can safely say that the surgery is a success. sinuses are his specialty – so you can trust dr. bennett to fully resolve any and all sinus issues you might have.