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After reading clients review, I came to see Dr. Garrett Bennett to get advice about a revision rhinoplasty in NYC. My previous plastic surgeon had left me with breathing issues. I was anxious to find a surgeon who could help me and research led me to Dr. Bennett. I chose him because he is double board certified and he is also an experienced ENT doctor plus reviews. Dr Bennetts diagnosis was the same as SEVEN (7) other ENTs. Dr Bennett explained to me what needs to be done and he felt confident he can resolved my breathing issues. I had explained that I was coming out from a unsatisfactory and traumatic surgery and I am suffering from anxiety. The procedure was to repair the Vestibular Stenosis=Nasal Valves collapsed external pinched and the alars collapsed, Septoplasty and Turbinates reduction. The surgery was 42 days ago and my breathing issues continue same as prior to surgery and/or are yet to be improved. At revisions Dr Bennett highlighted I need time, at least 6 months for recovery. I am just waiting how this will turn out.